Driving Directions

Truck route map and driving directions is a travel tool website, an app that tells you how to get from location A to location B by mapping it out with bus and truck options and walking or riding a bike or motorcycle.

Truck driving directions are the fastest way to traverse unfamiliar territory. Whether you're looking for minivans or SUVs near your office, company vehicles with drivers available at every terminal, or maybe even a driver for hire, Truck Driving Directions will help you get around.

Route Planning Options

Travel options for your driving directions: Please choose from the following modes of travel;
Car, van, truck, bus, walking, hiking, bicycle, scooter, motorbike, and transit.

The route planner will plan the route, taking the appropriate options and restrictions into account.

Driving Map

Click on the map to select origin and destination.

What are the routing types mean, and how do they differ?

A few different types of routing can be used when planning a journey, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Car routing is the most common type and is generally the quickest and most direct way to get from A to B. However, car routes are often congested and may not be suitable for larger vehicles like vans or trucks. Bus routes are usually slower than car routes but can be a more efficient way to travel if multiple people are going the same way. Walking and hiking routes can be great for exploring an area, but obviously won’t be suitable for long journeys. Bicycle routes are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a healthy alternative to cars but might not be suitable in bad weather or hilly terrain. Scooter and motorbike routes are often quicker than car routes but may not always be legal or safe. Transit routes (such as buses or trains) are usually the slowest option but can be handy if you need to travel without your vehicle.

The differences between the driving directions options and their planning specifications

Drive: A passenger car of a maximum weight of 3,5 tonnes and a maximum height of 1,6 meters.

Light Truck: A big passenger car, small delivery truck, camping car, or van maxing 3.5 tonnes and standing under 3.2 meters in height.

Truck: A truck with a maximum weight of 22 tonnes and a maximum height of 4 meters.

Bus: The vehicles are permitted to drive on lanes and roads with Bus only access.

Scooter: Motor scooters, moped.

Motorcycle: A motorcycle. Middle-class and upper-class roads are preferred.

Bicycle: A city bicycle, built for city riding on roads and paths with suitable surfaces.

Walk: A pedestrian mode with a pedestrian speed of 5 km/hour.

Hike: A pedestrian mode with a pedestrian speed of 5 km/hour.

Transit: Routes for transit or public transport.

This mapping and routing service website provide detailed and free directions for all types of truck drivers and for walking or riding a bike or motorcycle. Whether you're headed to the grocery store or the airport, this website will help you get there quickly and easily.

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